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Who am I and why you should hire me ...

Published in August, 2021 by FireGhostWriter


Welcome to! I believe it is not an accident that you came here and what ever it is that you need help with, do not fret because I got you! I am FireGhostWriter, I offer the ultimate website content-writing service in the market, and this is my story...


Let me tell you a spoiler: I am a writer. 

Oops, you already know that. My bad. So yes, I am a writer. A ghostwriter to be precise, This means that I write for other people and get paid in return. But more than earning money and the negative connotation of hustling but not getting the credit, I have learned to love the craft of ghostwriting for what it really is - amplifying the words somebody could not voice out alone. I help my clients bring their ideas and fantasies into life. And not just that, I get to play different roles in different worlds, with different voices and different purposes just by the power of words.

In this industry, I go by the name of FireGhostWriter. Why? Because the thing that gives me an edge among the many other ghostwriters in the market is MY PASSION. I do not just write to earn. I write to express, to educate, and to entertain. What ignites the flame in my heart as I go on with this path is my desire to give value to other people's lives through my words. Just like fire, I want my skill to burn and be used up for a purpose.  


Writing content is not as easy as it sounds. I'm sure we could all agree with that. No matter how talented or skilled you are as a writer, if you fail to exhibit the style suitable to your audience, your content may not end up as effective as you imagined it to be. I am a blogger and a website owner as well so I know how complicated it is to create content and run a website side by side. Thus, I hope to help other website owners and bloggers with their content needs, offering them a web content-writing service tailored-fit to their brand and preferences.

As a writer, I usually create content for niches like lifestyle, entertainment, and business. The kind of articles I write usually vary from reviews, features, commentaries, literary, and anything as simple as dear-diary conversations with the  readers. So if you are looking for an expert who is knowledgeable in a particular niche to write content for your website, I'm the person for the job.


Here in, clients who do not have time to draft lengthy articles for their website; who do not have enough knowledge about their niche; or who just wishes to publish quality and SEO-optimized articles can avail the ultimate web content-writing service in the market. I will provide you well-structured and SEO-optimized articles about anything under the sun for your blog and website. Every output is a keyword-dense copy, has an on-point tone of voice, underwent proofreading and editing, is original, concise and compelling, well-researched, and brand-specific.

The main reason why I write is because I want to offer value to my readers. By "value" I mean something which will serve as an answer to their questions, concerns, and problems. Therefore, I plan on helping others release the content they need for their own blog or website. Through this service, I hope to be your partner in bringing your content ideas into life.

I am looking forward to be working with you. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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