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No need to worry or sweat out because we will provide you with the best quality content writing service for all your content needs.

Are you looking for a writer-for-hire to provide you the articles you need for your blog and website? Well, you came to the right place. In this top-notch service, I will be the content writer who will solve your writing dilemma, level up your content, and help bring your website up the ranks.

Who Am I?

Hi! This is Fireghostwriter, the content writer you are looking for.

You see, I can dedicate multiple paragraphs telling you about my life but I know that you did not come here for that. So allow me to focus on what we have in common, passion for creating content. 

Writing and creating content is one of the things I am deeply passionate about in life. I am a normal person with a regular day job and a long list of side hustles including freelance writing.  

I write for three purposes: to express, to educate, and to empower. In this blog, readers can access valuable articles about the hows and whys of writing quality content. 

I also create content for my other websites with different niches. This is how much I enjoy creating content particularly writing. I wish to share all of the knowledge and offer value to people in whatever aspect they need help for.

Peace Of Mind

Get back to life and let me handle the hard work for you.

What Do I Offer?

As a writer, I create content for niches like lifestyle, entertainment, and business. The kind of articles I write usually vary from reviews, features, commentaries, literary, and anything as simple as dear-diary conversations with my readers. Most of these are for personal blogs and professional websites.

My investment in this kind of passion is the time and perseverance I dedicate in research and experience. Whenever I am passionate about something, I do my best to learn almost everything I can about it and open myself to opportunities where I can experiment and experience them in real life. 

This pool of knowledge I get to develop serves as a tool in creatively coming up with content ideas and bringing them into life. So if you are looking for an expert who is knowledgeable in a particular niche to write content for your website, I'm the person for the job.

Writing With A Purpose

The Ultimate Web Content Writing Service 

In this service, I will provide you well-structured and SEO-optimized articles about anything under the sun for your blog and website. Specifically, I will make sure to deliver an output which:

is a keyword dense copy
has an on-point tone of voice 
underwent proofreading and editing
of course, original 
is concise and compelling 
a minimum three keywords included

Most of all, this service provides a well-researched and brand-specific output. This means that I will make sure that the content to be provided matches your brand and the kind of content you envision to share in your website/blog. 

You can avail my services starting from the minimum 1,000-word count to the word count of your preference. 

This service is specially for bloggers or content creators who:

do not have time to draft lengthy articles for their blog or website
who do not have enough knowledge about the niche
who wishes to publish Seo-optimized content 

Clients shall contact me to schedule a meeting for prior negotiations. Upon communicating, I will ask for the basic information and requests about the output you want. 

Once this is settled, I will start drafting the output and deliver it on the date and time agreed upon.

Why You Should Hire Me

My readers and past clients can testify how I work for things I am passionate about. If you are considering hiring me and is still thinking twice, now is the time to stop. 

I can assure you excellent service because I possess the quality and communication skills you are looking for:

  • an enthusiastic work ethic
  • ability to write in a variety of tones for different audiences
  • experience and proficiency in all forms of media, from social posts to advertising to long-form collateral and web content
  • ability to master complex subject matter and make it emotionally meaningful to multiple audiences
  • superb copywriting skills in all media
  • ability to partner well with designers, art directors, developers, and strategist
  • good presentation skills
  • ability to accept feedback thoughtfully and change direction based on input
  • optimism and resilience

Why Is My Service Worth The Try?

The main reason why I write is because I want to offer value to my readers. By "value" I mean something which will serve as an answer to their questions, concerns, and problems. I consider myself the kind of writer who is research-oriented, strategic, and creative. 

All the knowledge I have learned over the years in the niches I am passionate about helped me create the kind of content specifically best for marketing. 

Writing about a particular niche for example allows me to put my passion into use as something which can inform my readers who are interested in such niche. 

Therefore, I plan on helping others release the content they need for their own blog or website. After availing my service, I can guarantee my clients quality and SEO-optimized output, delivery on-time.

Why think twice?

Please keep in mind that ...

time of delivery may take longer depending on revisions
strictly no refund policy

Why is this worth the try?

You are guaranteed ....

 High-quality written content
well-researched content, with references included
edited and proofread content

Get the complete  content-writing solution in your hands now...

If you believe that I am the writer who can satisfy your content needs, then go and give this service a shot. 

Do not worry because I got your back. To show my love for the early birds, the first few clients to avail my service will have surprises waiting for them. 

So what are you waiting for, let's get started.

I am looking forward to working with you!


The Ultimate Website Content-Writing Service

What's Included


$0.10 per word

custom order

any topic
one revision
edited and proofread



1 post

any topic
max. of 1000 words per post
edited and proofread
references included
up to 2 revisions per article




5 posts

any topic
max. of 1000 words per post
edited and proofread
references included
up to 3 revisions



10 posts

any topic
max. of 1000 words per post
edited and proofread
references included
up to 4 revisions per article
Quality posts of preferred length and topic.
Well-researched and references included!
Delivered on-time.


What if I don't need every service included in my package of choice?

Feel free to pick and choose the exact service you want from us. We can tailor-fit depending on your personal needs and adjust the pricing. We're happy to customize our services to meet your needs.

Do I have to give the ghostwriter credit?

No! That is why it is called ghostwriting - no one has to know you had help with the writing process unless you decide to tell them. My services are 100% confidential. I do not retain any rights or ownership of the article whatsoever. While credit is appreciated, it is never required.

Can I include my own writing in the article?

Yes! I will gladly edit and incorporate any content that you provide given that we both see it fit to the vision we have for your article.

Are your services confidential?

Yes, of course! My services are 100% confidential. I will never use any of the information you provide us for any other purpose. We have a privacy policy posted on our website, and we can provide you a non-disclosure agreement if ever needed.

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  • Alicia Lima

    Let’s chat!

  • Paolo

    I started writing all the content on my website. But as it has grown and I have also ventured out into other forms of content, like my YouTube channel and micro blogging on Twitter, I have been left with a very tight agenda. I feel it’s time to outsource part of my articles. And I like what I have read from you so far. Would you like to check my website to get an idea of what I write about?

    • Fire Ghostwriter

      Hi Paolo! Thanks for reaching out. It’s good to know that your website is growing. I’d be glad to help you with your situation. Let’s talk more via email. You can reach me at support@fireghostwriter.com. Looking forward to be hearing from you. Best of luck to you and your brand.

  • Cathy

    Hi there. I’m looking for a writer to beef up the content for my blog. Your pricing seems reasonable. Just a few questions;

    1/ What type of niche do you specialize in? 

    2/ Do you have any previous work for our reference? 

    3/ How do you charge for longer articles, say, 1,500 words? 

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you! 

    • Fire Ghostwriter

      Hi Cathy! Thanks for reaching out. I write for various niches like business and finance (mostly on trading), entertainment, and lifestyle. You can check out my blog page for my previous works. As for the pricing for longer articles, we can talk more about it via email. You can email me at support@fireghostwriter.com or send me a message via the contact page. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best of luck to your blog!

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